It's a matter of taste!

Authentic Indian food delivered to your door.

Homemade in small batches by home chefs and Indian mothers. Easy to reheat from fresh, chilled or frozen.

What We Do

We cook and deliver simple and tasty food using traditional Indian recipes and high-quality ingredients only. Everything is made from scratch every day by our incredibly skilled Indian chefs in their own home kitchens- No powders, No Paste, No Nonsense.

We are relentless in our approach and add new dishes to our menu each week to offer celebration of flavours, textures, and healthy cooking methods that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Curry, Side or Snack

Traditional Indian Curries

Indian cuisine offers a treasure trove of flavours and textures to satisfy every palate. Make your own box of high-quality bespoke dishes. Our frozen and chilled tiffin delivery service offers you extra flexibility so that you can enjoy authentic Indian food at any time.

Delivered within 2-3 working days.

High-Protein Indian Meals

We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, especially when it comes to getting enough protein. Our High-Protein Indian Meals are crafted with traditional recipes and packed with wholesome, protein-rich ingredients to help you stay energized and healthy throughout the day.

Sweets, Pickles and More*

Experience our Homemade Pure Desi Ghee Sweets, Fresh Ground Spices & Pickle range that has been carefully created to make this side of the world go round.

*(No stock in hand, we will only cook once you place your order)

Events and Parties*

Treat your family and friends with a delectable and nutritious bespoke Indian feast. Everything is made fresh using the best ingredients only and delivered on time.

*(6-50 people; custom delivery; ideally 5 days’ notice; bulk packed)

We’re fresher! We’re tastier! We’re homemade!

How it works

1. Choose your dishes & build your box.

Build your box by selecting 8-10 dishes of your choice. Add snack, sides and desserts in too if you want. Our menu is updated every week featuring new dishes from different parts of India, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

2. It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Better than most takeaways, our home chefs prepare your food as per your specifications and freeze instantly to lock in the quality and nutrition.

3. Our kitchen to your home.

We deliver full Tiffns / Dabbas or just curry boxes to all UK postcodes because we want everyone to enjoy our amazing Homemade Indian Food. Especially those from the Indian subcontinent, who miss their home cooked meals. Order before 11 AM with free shipping from Tuesday to Friday to mainland UK.

4. Quick eats for busy people.

For most dishes, heat in a 🥘 pan (5-6min) or microwave for (2-3 min) and enjoy a hassle-free Indian feast. For rotis just loosen the chapati cling film & heat it for 10-20sec in microwave. Remove film only while eating. Enjoy your meal😊!

What People Say About Us

Why Choose Us?

You get what you pay for!

Our promise to you is that every dish you order will be bursting with flavour and give you an exceptional value for money leaving you and your guests lavishly flattered.

Better than most restaurants

We make everything from scratch and empower the most talented home chefs and Indian moms to cook their best regional food using traditional recipes and authentic ingredients.

Seriously Homemade Food

Whether you are a student, working professional or an Indian food lover anywhere in the UK, our flexible delivery options will ensure that your daily meal planning, cooking, and cleaning is sorted.

Flexible Ordering & Cancellation

No contracts, No long-term commitments! Our subscription plans are fully flexible to suit all routines and budgets, with no-fuss change and cancellation options.

Generous Portions

Each weekly box contains 9 dishes of your choice, which are generously portioned between 500gms - 600gms, that makes perfect lunch or dinner main dish for two for a whole week.

Responsible Eco-Friendly Packaging

We offer next-day nationwide delivery in biodegradable insulated boxes with ice packs ensuring that the food is fine to store in the freezer for up to two months.

Functional, Nutritious, & Healing

With body-healing chemicals, antioxidants, dietary fibres, and probiotics, Indian food also helps in weight management, blood sugar level balance and support immunity of the body.

Our Team - Our commitment - Our Promise

There Is No Sincerer Love Than The Love Of Food.

Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse and known for its rich flavours, spices, and vibrant dishes. It varies greatly from region to region, reflecting the country’s cultural and regional diversity. At Homemade Indian Food, we cook simple and tasty homemade food 🍱using very high class ingredients such as Ashirwad Chakki Atta, Pure Desi Ghee and Mustad oil, fresh Indian vegetables🥗 etc and everything is made from scratch everyday.

Our Non-veg dishes strictly contain halal meat🍗 only. 

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